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72% Increase In Targeted Traffic

Our dedication to delivering outstanding results and forming strategic alliances within the industry is evident in our successful collaboration with Spa Theory.

Project Overview

At SEOInsulin, we embody our principles in action. Our unwavering dedication to producing outstanding outcomes and fostering partnerships with industry leaders shines through in our affiliation with Spa Theory. This upscale at-home spa enterprise, rooted in Atlanta, has garnered recognition in various press releases. The primary objective for our client was to amplify lead generation and establish local dominance in their city.


Spa Theory



In our approach, the initial phase involved an in-depth examination of high-search-volume keywords, encompassing location-specific and informative terms. Additionally, we pinpointed frequently neglected “low-hanging fruit” keywords, securing a strategic advantage. 

Keyword Research, Bidding Strategy & Precision Targeting

Here are select examples from the campaign:

  1. Mobile couples massage
  2. Couples massage in your home
  3. Luxury mobile massage Atlanta
  4. Mobile massage Atlanta

By strategically incorporating these keywords, we optimized bidding and precise targeting to ensure the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing the right audience.

The Strategic Approach

STEP 1: Our foremost priority involved conducting a meticulous SEO audit to pinpoint potential areas for enhancement before initiating the campaign. Our specialized team meticulously addressed existing issues, such as site speed, and implemented comprehensive on-page SEO optimizations, including refining title tags and meta descriptions for 12 service pages.

STEP 2: For optimal visibility, we strategically crafted and fine-tuned over 40 local pages, resulting in an impressive 3,000-rank position upswing. A notable outcome was achieved, with over 40 industry keywords securing placements on the first page, and 20 of them attaining the top position.

STEP 3: With all optimizations seamlessly integrated, encompassing content enhancements, we strategically acquired high-authority backlinks to elevate the site’s industry relevance and authority on Google.

Outstanding Outcomes

Witness the remarkable ascent of our client’s online presence!

From languishing on page 10, they now proudly reign at the summit of page 1 for their most crucial keywords. This extraordinary achievement translates to an overall surge of 3,000 positions across the entirety of targeted keywords.

The transformative power of our strategic approach is unmistakably evident in these impressive results.

Keyword Ranking

20+ Keyword ranked in top 10 of page 1 



Improvement in impressions

and an impressive 41.6% increase in impressions. 



Tangible Impact on Engagement

The surge in visibility translated into tangible results within a mere 30 days—witness a staggering 72% surge in clicks



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