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50% Growth for Learnt in Organic Traffic

Achieved a 300% Growth, Moving from Position #1 to #3 in 9 Months with SEOInsulin's Link-Building Strategies

Project Overview

Learnt, an online marketplace connecting students with qualified tutors for both online and in-person assistance in studying, standardized tests, homework, and entrance examinations, aimed to enhance its search marketing efforts by finding a reliable long-term partner. Previous collaborations with other firms yielded unsatisfactory results due to unresponsiveness or lack of outcomes. In pursuit of their long-term marketing goals, Learnt reached out to SEO Insulin as their initial step.





Eliza initially approached SEOInsulin five years ago, seeking assistance with link building, and has maintained communication with us since.

Learnt faced challenges in achieving organic search visibility and attracting the right audience to its website. Additionally, Eliza Nimmich, the Co-Founder, encountered difficulty in finding a reputable marketing firm that could provide high-quality services at a reasonable cost.

“It is really frustrating because it’s super hard to find a trusted marketing service that’s going to deliver quality work at a reasonable price, to be honest, and open about their methods. So when I found SEOInsulin, I was so excited because this team really knows what they’re doing.”


We developed a comprehensive link-building strategy to aid Learnt in generating more leads from organic search. This involved the creation of high-quality backlinks, engaging in guest blogging initiatives, and strategically targeting links from authoritative domains.

In addition, our efforts were directed towards enhancing overall organic visibility by augmenting relevant traffic to the website and elevating the rankings of targeted keywords with a high conversion rate.

Outstanding Outcomes

Our link-building strategies not only generated a substantial number of backlinks but also significantly elevated Learnt’s authority, marking a significant advancement for both the site and the company.

Through our collaboration with SEO Insulin, Learnt experienced a remarkable increase in Google exposure, yielding tangible benefits from the investment, as evidenced below:

  • Achieved a 50% increase in organic traffic within 9 months.
  • Enhanced positions from #4-#11 by 120% in 9 months.
  • Achieved a remarkable 300% growth in positions from #1 to #3 within 9 months.

Keyword Ranking

More than hundreds keyword ranked



Increased Organic Traffic

Achieved a 50% increase in organic traffic within 9 months



Earned Top 1 to 3 Position

Achieved a remarkable 300% growth in positions from #1 to #3 within 9 months.



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